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MP3Skull will provide you free mp3 downloads of some listed results. Current downloadable results are songs from 4Shared, SoundCloud and YouTube. All of these mp3 downloads are not hosted or provided by MP3Skull. Our partner services like for YouTube results, SoundCloud and 4Shared by their self, will provide you this downloads.

Next to this results, it's possible to get results with a direct mp3 file wich takes your searched keywords in its filename. This files are crawled by our robot, unfortunately we can't check all of this crawled files for copyrights, so if you find a file which is under your copyright, please fill our copyright complaint and sent it to [email protected] We will check every copyright complaint and remove the file immediately from our search results.

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The MP3Skull search engine offers you, through our wide collection of channels, more than 20 billion songs. Just use our search engine for free. Enter your searched song title or keywords into our search field and get the recent songs for your search. With MP3Skull you will find your long searched songs in just a few seconds.

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In every search you make, you will get a short information about your searched artist and a list of similar artists. You will find it on the right side of your shown search results. Give it a try and click through it, explore new artists and find your new favourite songs.

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